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Realizing there was a need for a much simpler approach to guiding people in the overwhelming world of health and wellness, I wanted to start a company that brought my clients back to the root of nutrition. Simply U Nutrition & Wellness is based on the needs, goals and lifestyle of each individual, where they can begin their journey to health without feeling bombarded with todays overabundance of nutritional information. As each person goes through life in their unique manner, the approach to food choices and patterns should be viewed distinctively as well. The goal for me as the coach, is to have each client leave every meeting with a better sense of their nutritional needs, learning why they are where they are and how to overcome obstacles: readiness to change, food preparation, travel, being sick, emotional, or having a lack of social support.


To maximize the Simply U Nutrition & Wellness approach, I use an amazing individualized tool from Precision Nutrition called ProCoach. ProCoach neatly organizes daily lessons, habits, progress updates, and more to map out a clear path to health and wellness.



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The Essentials

I am also a proud doTERRA Wellness Advocate. I work to create a more informed public on the benefits of essential oils, focusing specifically on what to consider when evaluating the quality of a wellness product.



Having always been interested in personal health and self-improvement, I realized there was a need for a simpler approach to well-being.



Having always been interested in personal health and self-improvement, I realized there was a need for a simpler approach to well-being.






L. McCabe

Erin is professional, thorough and knowledgeable.  She provides excellent and helpful materials.  I was impressed that she tailored her materials especially for me and even went above and beyond to do extensive research particular to me.  She was caring and continued to find additional solutions to help me reach my goals.

In addition I was pleased that Erin used a nice combination of traditional as well as newly researched methods.  I highly recommend her to anyone looking for positive results for weight control or nutritional matters.  

David B. Solomon

With Erin's organization, attention to detail, guidance and encouragement, I was able to accomplish my short term weight loss goal and also had the tools necessary to maintain healthy eating habits using foods that were not only healthy, but also foods that I liked to eat. 

Sean Ortiz

Erin's personal approach to her clients gives them the confidence to accomplish their goals! She has great knowledge of nutrition and life style changes needed to live a healthy and happy life. She helped me reach weight loss goal and was always available to answer ANY question and provided daily support and feedback!

Andrew Dembitz

Erin has dramatically changed the way I approach my daily eating habits. I have worked with her for 3 years and have had amazing results-with both weight loss and feeling so much healthier! Erin is so passionate and gets totally invested in her clients. She is very creative in educating and conveying information about the "world of food and nutrition." My life has been dramatically impacted by working with Erin!

If you’re looking to understand nutrition and what you’re putting into your body in a realistic manner then Erin is your girl. I worked with her for a little over a month and have seen drastic changes in that short time. I have many of her handouts on the front of my refrigerator as well as engrained in my brain. She really focuses on your specific goals and addresses any health concerns you may have. I am lacking a gall bladder and have also been diagnosed with gastroparesis have had trouble finding a nutritionist who understood my condition, until I met Erin. Not only did she help me with what foods to eat but also when to eat. One of the first and most memorable things I learned from her is “only eat when you’re hungry, not because it’s dinner time” it makes so much sense and really made a difference for me. I’m so grateful  to have found her. She’s the best :) 

Christine Hedblom


Before Erin Henrie came into our lives, we watched our daughter suffer and were unable to provide her with anything that resulted in an improvement.  

Our daughter had expressed feelings of sadness and also had developed an eating disorder.  The two seemed to go hand in hand.  She was restricting her food intake to try to make herself feel better, but in turn this caused her to only to feel worse.  

We had made numerous attempts to find an adolescent psychiatrist that could treat her conditions.  We were able to find anyone who had any openings for her and as a result we were left with having her see a Therapist and a Pediatrician who could prescribe medication.

We continued down this road for some time and were seeing little if no improvement.  Anything that was recommended failed.  We tried to support Katie best we could, but we knew that we did not have the proper tools or resources to lead her to recovery.  It was extremely frustrating to only be able to provide her a band aid that never healed her wounds.

One day her Therapist mentioned Erin Henrie of Simply U Nutrition & Wellness.  She has recently been introduced to their practice.  We felt that we should meet with Erin to see what she could recommend and provide for Katie.

Our family instantly felt a connection with Erin.  Katie was finally in a comfort zone.  She previously barely spoke to her Therapist and was very reserved.  Erin’s suggestions and expertise allowed Katie to learn that nourishing her body in the correct way had a direct result with how her body and mind felt.  She began to open up.  We could see that she was receptive to Erin’s advice and expertise.  

With Erin’s help, Katie is now a different, better person.  She no longer has an eating disorder, but knows that she must make the right food choices in order to stay on track.  Her mood is elevated.  She smiles and laughs.  She is once again enjoying time with friends and living her life.  As her parents, an awful weight has been lifted.  And we have also have learned so much from Erin in this process.  We also have incorporated some of her suggestions into our lives.

We would recommend Erin to anyone who has encountered similar issues with their children.  The results have been more than we could have hoped for.

Mike & Nancy Bruno

Parent of the Client

Before I met Erin, I had been struggling with my body image and restricting the food I ate. I had convinced myself that I was not good enough, so I felt the need to work everything I ate off.

I had struggles finding someone who could counsel me and that I felt comfortable with.  I felt stuck.  I wasn’t able to break the vicious cycle I was on.

When my parents first told me about Erin and Simply U Nutrition and Wellness, I was open to meeting with her.  I knew that what I was doing to my body was not good and I wanted to be happy and confident again.

After I initially met with Erin I felt like I could finally get the help I needed.  During the time I have worked with Erin she taught me that starving your body is not healthy and that when you nourish your body with the right combination of foods you can maintain a healthy weight and mind set.  

Erin was the only one that convinced me to try new foods and recipes.  Thanks to this I have expanded what and how I eat and am conscious of what is good and what is not. I am happier and have a better mind set now.  I also know that if I need Erin she will always be there for me.  

I am very thankful for Erin and the lessons she has taught me.  I highly recommend that anyone struggling with the same issues I have, use the services that Erin with Simply U Nutrition and Wellness offers.

I wish all who work with Erin a positive future and many years of great health.

Katie Bruno

Client being treated

Anonymously Grateful

So grateful to have Erin in my life!

I met Erin Henrie about a year ago at a Nutrition Seminar at my gym. The information that Erin shared during the seminar was nothing new, I’ve heard it before.  But something about how she broke things down and kept things simple, caught my attention. 

I have been struggling with my weight for years….lose and gain the same 50-70 lbs. over and over again.  In the past I would work out for hours and starve myself and was not living life. Once I reached my goal, I’d get complacent and as quickly as I lost the weight, it would come back, sometimes double.  I love to work out and I knew my struggle was what I was eating, so I decided to have a consultation. There was no pressure to work with her and she was willing to work with me wherever I was mentally on this journey to become healthy.  She took things as slowly or as fast as I was willing to go.

During the first couple of meetings things started slow, we took one thing at a time and just worked on one habit. As time went on, we added a habit every 2 – 3 weeks.  I didn’t get the “you can’t eat this or that” lecture from Erin that you expect from most nutritionists.  When I “messed up” (in my mind), it was never a negative response but more, let’s acknowledge it, accept what you ate and move on. Working with Erin, I learned about balance, awareness of situations, and how I felt at the moment, and living life – not just going through the motions.  Everything had a positive tone, which I loved.  She taught me so much on having a healthy gut and how that impacts weight loss. She introduced me to so many new recipes…flavorful and fun dishes to prepare so I would not get bored.  

After about 2 or 3 months, I started to trust & open up to Erin.  Once I did that, we started working on all the emotional baggage that drove me to food over the years.  Once I became more aware of my habits and behaviors I was easily able to make small adjustments and corrections over time that led to big results. There’s so much on what to eat and what not to eat on the internet it became very overwhelming for me.  But working with Erin has taught me to keep things simple…learn to master one habit at a time.  I have not counted one calorie, one macro, or measured any food since working with her and I have been able to drop 30+ lbs. slowly and still going.  Although slow, progress is progress and it’s progress that I am able to maintain, which is key!

Before I started working with Erin my approach to nutrition and fitness was an all in or all out approach. As a result, I had gotten on and off the wagon so many times – a vicious cycle of one extreme (salads and juice) to another (fast food and empty Starbucks calories daily), in a constant state of dissatisfaction. Working with Erin completely shifted my mentality, I was able to develop good habits where I can still “live my life” and am no longer overly restrictive or overly indulging. Working with Erin for 3 months changed the way I thought about and approached food and nutrition. Not only do I feel incredibly better but being able to get back in my skinny jeans was an added bonus. In the months that have followed I have been able to maintain these good habits and continue to see progress. I finally have found something sustainable!

Allison Vanderberg