I have a 10 year old boy and a 12 year old boy.  As a parent, I felt it was important to teach them how to eat healthy, but I was overwhelmed with all of the information available and did not know where to start.  I contacted Erin and she helped us as a family develop good, life-long eating habits.  She prepared fun and informative sessions including a lesson on sugar (wow - there's a lot in the foods we eat), a cooking lesson (we made the best sweet potatoes ever!), and an outing to the grocery store.  The boys are now so much more aware of what they eat - they can read food labels, make better choices and they even gets salad at lunch!  Erin also worked with my husband individually to help him lose weight.  He looks and feels great!  Friends and co-workers compliment him all the time on his weight loss.  I can't recommend Erin enough!  She is knowledgable, kind, patient, always available to answer questions and really invested in the well-being of her clients!

-Danielle Ruben